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you would kill for this...

just a little bit

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This community is for the sole purpose of 'caliming' so to speak. Here you can pretend to be married to anyone you wish. Actors, Musicians, even your boyfriend.


♥ one person per person. makes since. you don't marry two or three people in real life do you? so no.

♥ if you choose your boyfriend or your girlfriend and you choose to get a divorice, then simply post saying so but be sure the subject is divorice. same goes for a famous person, you dont need a reason but, you will have to wait a week before you can remarry.

♥ put a link or a banner up in your profile stating your married. get this community going out to more people.

♥ don't be mean. if you don't like who someone chooses to 'marry' then please keep it to yourself.

♥ be creative and have one. i think that is the most important thing.


If you can please upload to your own server and link back to us. Need help on how to put it up? Ask.


♥ all phrases come from the song 'Existentialism On Prom Night' by Straylight Run.

♥ you may kiss comes from the last line said in a wedding 'and you may now kiss the bride.'